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CapSol™ Sun Care

CapSol is a breakthrough in sun care product formulation technology sources from safflower oleosomes. It has the unique ability to load sunscreen filters in a way that dramatically reduces UV filter levels required for targeted SPF levels. Sunscreen filters are either embedded on the outer shell or absorbed inside the triglyceride core; this can be controlled by maximizing oleosome loading conditions. 

Microscopic examination confirms that active UV filters appear within the oleosome, on the surface of the oleosome, and in small separate oil droplets that are stabilized within the emulsion. CapSol delivers superior product aesthetics, environmental safety, ingredient sustainability, and formulation cost reduction.

Hydresia® Oleosomes

Hydresia oleosomes are the only truly natural emulsifier on the market today possessing powerful skin hydration and multi-functional delivery system benefits. 

They boast a unique, continuous moisture delivery system that is an all-natural alternative to chemical emulsifiers and irritating ingredients with its microparticles of skin-softening oils and vitamins. 

A naturally superior system, Hydresia oleosomes allow the personal care industry to create better products that satisfy the emerging needs of consumers. The Hydresia system offers a difference you can feel and is currently used in over 350 different personal care products globally.

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