Botaneco Is Unlocking Canola’s True Potential

CALGARY, AB. (March 28, 2023) – Canola is the second largest global oilseed crop, with more than 45 million acres planted worldwide, but one company says we’re leaving money on the table. Botaneco® Inc. is on a mission to increase the size of the canola seed value chain through a big vision for small seeds. 

“Canola is a vast, underdeveloped reservoir of highly nutritious plant protein,” said David Dzisiak, Chief Operating Officer of Botaneco. “The conventional industry currently focuses on extracting oil from oilseeds like canola, but most of the players in the space are using processes that ignore the value of protein in the seed and limit its potential.”

Today, most canola seed is processed by being crushed, heated, and crudely extracted in a way that denatures the seed’s proteins and destroys oleosomes (the oil storage structures inside oilseeds). This dramatically limits canola’s unique value and nutritional content, leaving commoditized canola oil and low-value livestock feed meal behind. 

Botaneco has developed a clean, recyclable, water-based manufacturing platform technology that unlocks new value for canola. 

“Our novel processing technology enables us to grow the market for canola and all its co-products,” said Dzisiak. “We have identified the impact the crop could have on markets outside of traditional oil and feed meal.”

One of these new industries is aquaculture feed, a sector seeking new feed protein sources, like canola, to support its rapid growth. 

“There is a growing global trend toward health and wellness that is increasing demand for alternative proteins and aquaculture feed ingredients,” said James Szarko, President & CEO of Botaneco. “Because of the manufacturing platform we have developed, our canola protein concentrates can fill the need as  industries like aquaculture search for new, sustainable feed sources to support shrimp and salmon – two important and growing foods for human diets globally.” 

The market for shrimp and salmon has experienced significant growth over the past few years, currently valued at $10 billion. This trend is projected to continue in the coming decade, driven by the increasing demand for high-quality seafood products worldwide. With the call for aquaculture feed expected to double by 2050, shrimp and salmon farmers are actively seeking out new, innovative solutions like canola to boost the production of aquaculture feed cost-effectively. 

“Our Alofin product is a unique alternative for traditional fish meal and soy offerings for salmon and shrimp feed,” continued Szarko. “We’re excited to be able to deliver this new opportunity to fish farmers and feed producers as we see demand for salmon and shrimp continue to expand rapidly across the globe.”

The Botaneco process creates greater co-product values, which gives us more significant end-use market opportunities than conventional processing. 

“Conventional canola processing leaves a very binary outcome between conventional oil and meal,” said Dzisiak. “Our unique process disassembles the seed, leaving the oleosomes and proteins separate and intact, broadening the opportunities to capture value from the seed.”

Unlocking Big Potential in Small Seeds 

Botaneco® Inc. is an innovative ingredients manufacturer located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our novel water-based processing technology uniquely separates intact oleosomes and proteins from oilseeds, creating new solutions for personal care, plant-based foods, and high-value aquaculture. At Botaneco, our novel processing platform enables a whole seed utilization approach that reflects our culture of sustainability and value creation.

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